Preapproved Internships

Internship Faculty have worked with some employers/organizations to preapprove some internships for capstone credit. These internships (a) meet the approval criteria for casptone internships, (b) guarantee at least 360 hours, and (c) are paid internships.

Students must still complete an application which is complete and contains all details of the internship and its duties.

Each internship is reviewed annually to ensure that it still meets the criteria. It is possible that the internship has changed since its last review date, in which case the application would not be approved.


Preapproved Internships by Organization
Test Company
Indianapolis, IN

Test Job Title

Test Job Title 2

Test Job Title 3

For Employers

Interested in getting an internship preapproved?

If your organization is interested in getting the stamp (for capstone internship approval), contact and we can setup a virtual meeting (or in person) to chat about the process.