Students enrolled in INFO I494 (Fall, 3cr.) and INFO I495 (Spring, 3cr.) create self-selected teams to envision, design, and build an information system to solve a unique problem.

During the fall semester (INFO I494), students spend time learning about the business environment and learning how to work successfully with their peers. They also train on a new software/hardware platform while designing and iterating over their problem space. By the end of the semester, students should have a clear understanding of a workable, practical solution to the problem.

The spring semester (INFO I495) does not include official classroom time, but it allows students to work with their teams to build the solution. Teams have one-on-one meetings with an assigned associate instructor and faculty instructors to discuss roadblocks, revise the design, and shape the development to eventually create a functional, usable information system.

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Eligibility & Application


Students enrolling in INFO I494 must complete all core courses through INFO-I211 (or equivalent), INFO-I308, and INFO-Y395.

Students who have not yet completed the core courses may enroll in that remaining course as a corequisite with permission. Students who take advantage of this option will need to dedicate more time and effort to the course; the informatics capstone course relies heavily on the prerequisite courses.

The prerequisite for completing the Informatics Capstone is completion of the core courses. This include INFO-I211 (or equivalent), INFO-I308, and INFO-Y395. Students are generally, with approval, permitted to take their last remaining prerequisite in the same semester as INFO-I494.

Course Permission Request Form

Application Process

There is no application process for the Capstone course sequence.